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Dedicated Customer Support

24/7/365 at your service

Support and Service Level Agreeements

What ever service level you require we have got you covered.

You can choose one of our standard Service Leevel Agreements or have one tailored to you specific needs. Either way our support team will always be happy to help you.

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Customer Support

24/7/365 Support

Say goodbye to dial tones and please-have-your-reference-number-ready communication. You and your business are valuable to us and we make sure we make you feel valuable. Expect a direct line to your dedicated account manager and system administrator to be able to reply to your query as fast as possible.

You are in safe hands. We make sure you are always connected to the right person from the start. We execute, solve the issue and report back to you. 
Rest assured that your it setup is our utmost priority.

Service Level Agreements

SLA's are the backbone of every establish partnership. Our customers depend on it, rely on it and feel reassured because of the SLA.

While businesses and needs can differ, so do our SLA's. Our Service level agreements have only one thing in common. They keep us on our toes and hold us responsible in case of a breach.
A Service Level Agreement is the insurance policy for our customers that trust us with their IT project.


"Solido is open to new ideas, responsive, and always comes up with the optimal solution for us. Finally, the staff at Informatíon is able to focus on what we do best - deliver content."

- Johannes Wehner, Dagbladet Information

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