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Cloud Solutions 

Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a technology that gives you access to on-demand capacity. In other words, you can add or remove servers as needed and you only pay for what you use.

This is useful if your site has very high traffic peaks during the day, week or month. Since you only pay for what you use you don’t have to worry about the overhead that comes with overcapacity.

Cloud hosting comes in many shapes and sizes. No matter what you need we can offer a reliable, scalable and flexible solution based on shared, private or mixed environments.

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Agile solutions deployed in no time

Higly scalable
Capacity on Demand

Solido Public Cloud

The Public Cloud gives you the core benefits of cloud hosting - scalability, reliability and you only pay for what you use. This gives you the flexibility to spin servers up or down as needed and it only takes a few  minutes.

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Delivering performance and security

Private dedicated hardware
Highest levels of security
Tailored to your requirements

Solido Private Cloud

The Private Cloud solution is built on hardware dedicated to your business giving you better security, control and stability. This also gives you the ability to completely customize your cloud solution in terms of computer power, storage and network to best match you needs.

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Best of all worlds

Enjoy the benefits of private cloud
Scale with the public cloud
Use the strenght of bare metal servers

Solido Hybrid Cloud

Use the Public Cloud as a supplement to your Private Cloud when you have traffic peaks or non-sensitive operations. You can also incorporate dedicated bare metal servers for the highest possible performance.

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Turn-key Private Cloud

Predefined and pretested turnkey solution
Run your own cloud
Private dedicated hardware

Solido CloudPOD

A turnkey Private Cloud Solution providing you with a pre-tested, fully managed cloud environment that allows you to be deployed in no time. Hosted in secure data centers and running on state of the art hardware installed with the stable OnApp platform.

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