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Managed Hosting

Cost effective, fast, scalable - tailored to your needs

Managed Hosting

Solido offers high performance hosting services and equipment, including virtual servers (VPS), Dedicated Servers and Smart Servers.

We invite you to use our experience in finding the best servers and configurations for your applications.

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Cost effective, fast and scales easily

Easy to get started with your own server
Reserved resources, not shared with anyone
Same performance levels as dedicated servers

Virtual Servers (VPS)

Our virtual servers offer a good value for money alternative for those not seeking dedicated server solutions. But you still get industry leading performance from a virtual server at Solido.

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High performance physical servers

Full performance on the newest hardware
Subscription based, no big initial investment
Good scalability and configuration options

Dedicated Servers

For your high performance needs with 100% server resources available, we offer dedicated servers as blade servers or rack servers with the latest and most advanced CPU-, memory- and storage options.

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Smart Servers = virtualized Dedicated Servers

Use all resources of your dedicated server
Auto provisioning/scaling/failover/migration
More effective use of your server hardware

Smart Servers

A Smart Server at Solido is a virtualized Dedicated Server with the best of both worlds. With Smart Servers you get the performance of Dedicated Servers with the added flexibilty of virtualization.

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