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Security Services

Protect your application from DDoS, hacking and spam

Security Services

Offering effective protection against DDoS attacks, both network layer protection and application layer protection, including web security tests to find vulnerabilities.

For your applications running on HTTPS, we offer high performance SSL offloading service, including maintenance of your SSL certificates.

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Network- and application layer DoS/DDoS mitigation

Network/infrastructure protection (Layer 1-4)
Application protection (Layer 7)
DNS layer protection

Protection from DDoS attacks

In recent years the DDoS attacks has been increasing in numbers, peak bandwidth and peak packets per second. Get active protection from DDoS attacks, tailored your need for safe operations.

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Basic web security test to help eliminate vulnerabilities

Full portscan and web application scanning
Check for survivability and robustness of domain records and DNS
Detailed reporting of vulnerabilities

Web Security Tests

Quick and easy test that will help eliminate vulnerabilities in your web solutions. You will get to know what security issues that need to be fixed and you will get recommendations for how to harden your web application.

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SSL offloading relieves your application servers

Improved SSL performance
Faster HTTPS page load times
Centrally maintained SSL certificates

SSL offloading

SSL encryption requires a good deal of processing power which can be hard on your application servers. Solido offer SSL offloading service through F5 BIG-IP Load Balancers, which is optimized for SSL performance.

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