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Managed Services

Internet connectivity, load balancing and multiple hosting locations

Managed services

Solido offers high bandwidth and low latency Internet connectivity, load balancing services, hosting in multiple data centers and monitoring services.

We do our best to be deeply engaged in your solutions, both in regards to hosting and the code behind your applications.

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Internet connections

From 100 Mbps to multiple 10 Gbps
Low latency and redundant connections
Multiple tier 1 ISPs
Solutions tailored to your requirements

Internet connectivity from 100 Mbps to multiple 10 Gbps

High bandwidth low latency Internet connectivity from multiple carriers with a total capacity of 70 Gbit in Copenhagen, Denmark, and an additional 40 Gbit from our hosting location in Luxembourg.

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Load Balancing for high availability, scaling and better performance

Distribute load on servers
High Availability and fail-over
Better performance and lower response times

Load Balancing services

Solido offer the F5 BIG-IP LTM service which is a modern, full-featured, robust, and very high performance load balancing service. You get high operational security, high performance and excellent scalability.

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Akamai services - performance and security in the cloud

Unmatched scalability, speed and availability
Unmatched DDoS attack protection
Automated front-end optimization

Akamai services

As Akamai Partner, Solido can help you figure out if Akamai services are suitable for your web presence. We will test the speed gains, get you up and running and tune the speed, scalability and availability of your implementation.

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Multiple data centers across Europe

Very low latency to all of Europe
Load scaling/balancing across data centers
10 Gbit and low latency between datacenters

Multiple Hosting Locations

Solido have hosting locations in Denmark and in Luxembourg. For any redundancy, load scaling and fail-over requirements between the locations, we can set you up with fast connectivity.

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Monitoring of availability and health

Server health monitoring
Application health monitoring
Alarms and notifications

Monitoring services

Solido provides monitoring and notification service, both as part of our managed hosting and as advanced customized monitoring.

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